Sogidia services

Sogidia services

Business, Organizations and Institutions
Operate your own video channels in video broadcasting, podcasting, streaming, IP- and Web-TV. Easily organize and control different media channels online from a mobile phone or portable video player to full digital signage systems in businesses or public places.

News (Broadcast / Production)
File based acquisition (P2, Sony XDCAM family or other digital storage media) is establishing itself as the standard for video production and processing. Benefit from the advantages of an automated tapeless workflow. Via a joint VAM platform you can release up to the minute video feeds online, edit the files or integrate them into a channel schedule or other distribution networks.

Sport (Marketing / Analyse / Video Distribution)
Entertain the audience and the fans are not only in the stadium but somehow online all the time. Integrated video distribution to mobile phones, digital terminals, simply on the internet or at kiosks reaches the target group everywhere, all the time: up to date, fast and affordable.
For marketing and analysis purpose a centralised media distribution through one of our VAM systems enables local or worldwide game- and opponent analysis and offers new channel distribution potential.


Public Relations
Save time and money in corporate communication with partners, customers and staff worldwide. Just with a few mouse clicks videos can be linked, sent, edited or published without complicated work on tapes or tedious file conversion.

Get full control of your video files from everywhere at any time with an online VAM of the SOGIDIA AG.

Advertising Agency
Use a Video Asset Management (VAM) system as powerful, yet affordable, White Label solution. Your staff and customers benefit from the centralized administration, management and distribution of your and their video files. With the integrated user and rights management you can appoint customers to specific projects and files, so they will only see and be able to use what you want them to. Furthermore the generation of CI-conform CDs and DVDs directly out of the system is another great feature, saving you extensive work screening, collecting and adapting content. For instance you or a customer could use specific content for trade shows or events, digital signage or websites directly out of the VAM system.

Implementation is drastically accelerated and the workload of your agency reduced.

Medical and Science
Worldwide interconnectedness in science and research crossing time zones and country borders is a key to success. With a central video database on a VAM system of the SOGIDIA AG your content is not only stored safely for a long time but it can also be accessed and retrieved quickly, synchronised with other content or be distributed without time delay for analysis, evaluation and presentation.


Archive / Museum / Exhibition
Protect your video content and preserve the originals. Through digitalization of old video tapes and film or the ingesting of digital media into a long term archive your valuable video assets are secured for up to 50 years: safe through access rights and available with only a few mouse clicks. Additional security can be provided by storing copies of the original material in our security data centres.

Furthermore modern formats can be used for new distribution channels next to the basic archiving you can find, distribute, view, send and copy video files directly out of your online database.