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Sogidia services

Media Services


Sogidia AG offers services in all areas of technology and electronics. Especially in media technology, we offer everything you need. Because of our advanced technical possibilities.

Do not only manage your business perfect. Do more! Also think of your data. Because you know yourself, by well-organized management, it will save you time and stress!


With our Media Asset Management System, known as MAMS, you resist successfully against the chaos of disorder. In addition, represent the video content and values​​, but only if it searchable and available.


Problems like

  • Files are randomly somewhere on the computer
  • DVDs are scratched and unreadable
  • VHS tapes, but no suitable player

are things of the past!

You will with our help

  • find your data sorted by your metatags in our MAMs

  • find your DVD`s streamed in 1:1 quality in our MAMs

  • digitize and classified your VHS tape in our MAMs

So use our service today, to finally bring order into the computer.

You have a separate web interface and you are interested in our MAMS? No problem! Our development team is able to integrate the MAMs in your web interface!

Our new service will simplify your life!