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Sogidia services

Additions on Blu-ray

A Blu-ray disk has a capacity of 25 gb or 50 gb, much more than a standard DVD. Experts means, the Blu-ray has a life-time of 50 years. To play you need a Blu-ray Player.

The transfer to your media on Blu-ray is performed in our technology center in Kiel. Here are competitive people, and the appropriate "tools" available. The employee is responsible to take care about your footage and creating the Blu-ray Disc. The labeling of the Blu-ray disc is over our system and creates automatically the online database. Your material receives the appropriate timecode-based metadata in the system.

Via the online database you get access to your material. During reading your media it will automatically generate a video clip preview and a meaningful preview. You can also change the automatically created basic metadata and tagged your data in addition.

On the intuitive interface of the archive database, afterwards you can manage, search, and found again your media. The output data will guide you unerringly to your Blu-ray Disc collection.

Please consider when you send your material it is the safest option. Some carrier and couries will take care of your freight personally and therefore loaded by hand. We are pleased to discuss just for you the most sensible method of delievery. We keep your material 14 days on backup media and delete it as soon as you confirm the receipt.

Address for dispatch:

Am Kiel-Kanal 1 (KiWi Tower)
24106 Kiel