Sogidia services

Sogidia services

Additions on ingest

Basically we can offer to digitalize (ingest) all contained formats on the market place. Our standard format are VHS, S-VHS, DVmini, BetaSP, IMX, Digital Beta. Formats like DV, XDCAM, HDCAM or DVCPRO require a custom quote. For formats such as for example 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film or U-Matic we have contractual partner.

Damaged or contaminated original media, we will contact you and agree how to proceed. Our specialists have a variety of individual solutions to recover your material.

For example, videotapes can be glued. In such a case the bonding can be reversed by a special thermal treatment for a certain time. After mechanical cleaning, the tape or the cassette can be played for about 2-3 weeks.

Ripped tapes can usually be repaired with a special cellotape. Thus, a one-time play or the long term durability of the originals is possible.

Of your original material we produce MPEG-2 files in industry standard. Used for the quality of a DVD for example 8Mbit / s. The compression rates are individually adjustable. We usually use for long-term archiving a bit rate of 10Mbit / s Long GOP method. Depending on customer request, we can realize data rates up to 100 Mbit / s "I-frame only".

As a coding standard, we use the method of "Main Profile" in the YCbCr color model. Other methods are possible. The technical explanations can be found in detail on the linked sites on the Internet.

Please consider when you send your material it is the safest option. Some carrier and couries will take care of your freight personally and therefore loaded by hand. We are pleased to discuss just for you the most sensible method of delievery. We keep your material 14 days on backup media and delete it as soon as you confirm the receipt.

For larger archives or highly sensitive materials, we offer a collection service, an on-site service or an on-site installation for an "ingest-system".

Please contact our sales department.

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