Sogidia services

Sogidia services

Ingest of video material:

Videoarchive Ingest

Protection of AV archives with digitization

The long term proctection of valuable audiovisual archives has to be one of the most important tasks, that organisations and instutions should prepare today for the digital future of tommorow. SOGIDIA AG offers you a comprehensive service to preserve these valuable AV material for future generations by digitizing (ingest) up to worldwide digital distribution.

Conversion of analogue archives and archive migration

The white paper "INGEST" provides you specific information about the possible variants of ingest made by SOGIDIA Ingestservice.

In this digitization process is the analog original content recorded and copied to a digital medium. The SOGIDIA AG is able to read a variety of video formats, for example:
1 ", 2" U-matic and Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, DVCAM, HDCAM, MPEG IMX, and others.