Sogidia services

Sogidia services

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We will be pleased for a personal interview and make you an individual offer. We also offer the opportunity to perform with a guest access an online demo to learn about the SOGIDIA VAM online interface.


New appreciation for archiv material

Not since the collapse of the Collogne city archives in March 2009, are there big afforts, to preserve olds and historical. It means for video material , to create safely digital archives. The durability of tape material is extremely limited and aging processes endanger the stock. Various options converted video material into digital format, without loosing the quality of the precious video material and incurred high copy costs on new tapes.

SOGIDIA AG offers with the video asset management (VAM) an easy digital archiving of any formats with the possibility of a later output in all current standard formats. The long-term archiving is format and platform independent and is avaible for years of future generations.

In order to use the full potencial of your video capital and use it effective, the best resolution is the VAM of SOGIDIA AG. Once your video material is digitalised, we will provide it via a graphical user interface on the internet. With simple inputs, you have access to your material and the detailed search functions can locate the content you want in a few seconds. Your video will be tagged during the integration in our video asset management with metatags. These information boxes give you necessary information for example about camera operator, description of the content, date of creation, format, film size, etc.

You get a clip preview, can compose new film content and put your data on different output options.

Aging processes have no influence on the quality of your video in our video asset management system.


For this service, no initial investment required!

The services offered by SOGIDIA AG includes the digitalisation of your video data, providing the online database and interface, and request all services related to the distribution. By one-time installations costs and the monthly services fees, you can keep your costs under control from day one.

Your video is securely archived and available around the clock!