Sogidia services

Sogidia services

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Blu-base secures your file based Video on today’s most reliable medium: a Blu-ray disc guarantees content safety and file transfer of the original quality. Videocontent – P2, Sony XDCAM, Sony XDCAM EX, RED, HDD-Recorded files etc. – are saved on Blu-ray discs in the native file format and are therefore secured for up to 50 years. You can easily upload the source content to one of our servers or send the medium to the SOGIDIA AG and you will receive all original material and, according to the amount of data, Blu-ray archive discs after just a few days.

And here Blu-base really gets started: additionally an online database is generated using proxy clip previews and a sophisticated search engine. Using a web browser you can access the database from anywhere at anytime. Using the intuitive GUI you can easily find desired content based on the native or individual metadata – verify the clip with the built in preview player and retrieve the Hi-Res from your archive via the provided unique Blu-ray ID. The searching time for video content is reduced radically and therefore time, resources and money are saved.

This is just one of many examples how to use Blu-base – next to online distribution of the preview clips or a mobile Review-and-Approve workflow for casting and rating agencies.


  • Fully automated workflow
  • Content is stored on today's most reliable medium
  • Mobile database access via web browser
  • Access and user rights
  • Sophisticated search engine
  • Native and individual metadata
  • Integrated preview player
  • Supports all major file formats incl. AVC-intra, AVC-HD