Sogidia services

Sogidia services

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EASY INGEST 50 leads your video assets into the digital age – we digitalize all your tape based video, irrespective of the format. The special feature of EASY INGEST 50 is the compatibility with all standard tape formats. MiniDV, BetacamSP, classics like VHS and S-VHS or professional DigiBeta and IMX tapes: after ingesting the content will be accessible for years digitally and ready to use in tapeless workflows – saving you time and money. Our high security standard guarantees the preservation of your precious video assets.

Especially the diverse tape formats have made video digitalization – and therefore the securing and reprocessing of content – complicated and expensive. Due to the fact that we can process generally all formats we make INGEST EASY for our customers: you simply send in your tapes and after a few days receive your original material together with the digitalized content on the medium of your desire, e.g. on Hard disk. EASY INGEST 50 includes 50 hours of content digitalization, for longer ingest please don’t hesitate to contact us.