Sogidia services

Sogidia services


SOGIDA AG is a service provider and partner in video asset management. Many companies have video material that they edit, manage or need to keep safe. This will be done in costly working ours and staff use tons of ours and days to looking for the right video content.

Most video collections are inadequate or not used at all, because the cost of processing seems too large. In this case, the "video capital" not even in use.

Another point is the diversity of the media format. Video content is mostly from the disks that were currently in video production. The video collections are made as: 16mm, 35mm, Super8, VHS, CD / DVD, SD, HD, HDV or MPEG formats.

Starting with the format-independent capture (ingest) and digitalisation of your video material, about the simple file management, processing and delivery, till to the format-independent output, the entire bandwidth of the video asset management (VAM) is covered.

The deployment of our innovative service, coupled with a highly efficient technical infrastructure allows you to operate your own management for your video collections without high purchasing investment in hardware or software. The services offered by SOGIDIA AG is adressed at all companies, institutions and organizations.

Prepare your video content for the new media on the Internet or on mobile devices.